The Colbert Story

I'll give you all the abbrivated story because the other one is seriously 3 pages long.

I got tickets to the taping of The Colbert Report for Monday night (sept. 25th). I got front row seats right in the center- just by a stroke of luck. I could see everything, I've written a really long post about this but it is way to long and detailed to share because frankly it is a little scary how much shit I detailed.

Then a guy who looked like he might be an assistant came out and said things were going to take a little longer. He asked some trivia questions, the first one being answered by someone in the other section. Then he stood in front of me and asked "What is the name of the segment where Stephen debates himself?" My hand shot up and he called on me, I fairly shouted "Formidable Opponent!" and scored a Colbert Report T-shirt for my knowledge.

Later in the show he introduced the guest and then then came running over to us to hi-five the front row, I'm on screen for all of .5 seconds. Ah, my brush with fame.

After the show Jessica (my roommate from college) and I hung around the stage door waiting for him to come out. He was in a rush and might have taken off if I hadn't asked for a photo. Unfortunately Stephen didn't smile for me and sort of has crazy runaway bride eyes. I felt bad because clearly he needed to be somewhere, but I did also ask him to sign my t-shirt that I won. There were two other people who also wanted photos, and he did those and then walked so fast he was almost jogging-he hailed a cab and drove off into the night.

OH! And he made all of us who wanted a photo stand on his right side since that was his good side. Ha! Like that man has a bad side.

Here is the t-shirt I won and made him sign. He misspelled his own name he was in such a hurry:



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