The wheels on the civic go round and round

For 5 out of the last 6 weeks I've been spending 8 hours driving between Cleveland and Athens. That is 40 hours in the car total, $300 in gas, 2,500 miles on my car and countless rambling thoughts during that very long drive.

I'm about to lose my bloody mind, when you factor in the stress of a major catalog deadline (the Wednesday before Thanksgiving), and a very sick grandfather. Plus those countless hours spent in the car driving to and fro'.

For the next two weekends I'm not going anywhere. NOT GOING ANYWHERE. Got it? I'm done, I don't care that you are disappointed that I'm not coming home for the very sick grandfather's birthday. I just cannot spend another minute in the car, nor can I bear the fact that I feel like I've not been in my own house for more than than the short hours of sleep I've been getting lo' these 6 weeks. And shall we discuss the ulcer/upset stomach/insomia/nightmares I've been having lately?

I had no idea that I was a stress vomiter. Push me far enough and long enough and I'll be up all night hunched over that porclin bowl.

I'm slowly coming back to life, a couple of good nights sleep can do that for a person, and hopefully a nice quiet weekend will put everything back to rights. Oddly enough, I feel like go outing and doing something incredibly stupid this weekend, like getting drunk and making out with some random guy in bar. But I've done that exactly 1 times in my life, I'm still trying live that one down- I swear my friends will find a way to have that guy show up at my wedding just because they think it is so funny.

I'm hosting poker this weekend and hopefully that will be a fantastic time, at all other moments of the weekend you will find my bottom firmly planted to the counch and I will be gazing upon this Christmastime delight:



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