Artist Statement

Lets not discuss my non-training for that half-marathon or those triathlons I've scheduled for this summer. Or my bastard shoulder which I may have sort of dislocated a couple of weeks ago and is still sort of sore. Should make swimming awesome.

Instead I want to share with you all my 12 year old nephew's artist statement from a recent art show he was chosen for. Please keep in mind that a good portion of the time he acts like octogenarian:

For me, drawing and painting are nothing new. I have, for years, kept journal of art work and some page-long descriptions of them. Having three sisters in the same house can get hectic, so I often find myself locked in my room drawing, looking for inspiration or simply reading a book. Most of inspiration comes from family members, books, clouds, just about everywhere. This art work came to me from my bedroom window. There are three trees. At night when the light and horizon are just right, this is how it looks from my perspective. The tree in the middle is the tallest, and the other two are like children. When they are no in silhouette, they are abundant in cardinals, bluebirds and hummingbirds.


Isn't he totally awesome?

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