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I'm beginning to think there is something very wrong with me, African Sleeping Sickness perhaps? Except I believe one must have either been in Africa recently (not I) or slept with someone who has (and that is an absolute impossibility since the drought continues unabated).

For the last month or so I've been unbelievably tired, falling asleep at positively early hours (last night I was completely conked out at 7:45pm) then sleeping straight through till morning. My house in shambles because I cannot muster the energy to keep it in anything other than a semi-tidy state. And almost forget going to the gym, I've managed to keep my appointments with my trainer but beyond that you'll not find me there. Which means that I'm absolutely not going to be ready for tri season.

Rather than languish on I've made an appointment with a doctor to make sure it isn't something else less exotic than my delusions of it being African Sleeping Sickness.

I did, however, manage to watch the entire series of Lost in Austin tonight on DVD. It made my little Jane Austen loving heart beat rapidly and was a most excellent expansion on the book. And Elliot Cowen does a bang up job as Mr. Darcy, so much so that (all over again for the millionth time) I found myself wholly in love with him. And for the first time a touch in love with Mr. Wickham. Oh my. I should qualify that only applies in this adaptation.

Really though, Elliot Cowen does a bang up job of casting a smoldering looks at the heroine. And now I covet the shiny red locks of Amanda Price (said heroine).

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