Do you need a receipt with that?

The last week or so my entire apartment has exploded with laundry and dishes and oh my holy jesus- the mail. It's OVERFLOWING all over everything. I hate mail. I rarely open it unless it's a bill that needs to be paid, I'm completely unbearably lazy like that. It's been piling up for quite some time and every time I look at it I just sigh and then shove some more on top. Effective, no?

I don't think I've ever let my place get to such horribly messy state as it is now. I'm blaming my schedule and exhaustion from the eye thing+a little stomach bug I can't seem to kick that is using up all my extra energy. Not that those excuses really make me feel any better about it.

Why so busy? Well, I took a part time job as a wine store worker. I figured if I was handing out random advice to strangers in liquor aisle I might as well get paid for it. It's actually pretty fun, not counting the endless hours I spend on my feet which aren't used to that much standing. My feet ache at the end of my shifts, so terrifically sore that all I want to do is have someone rub them. Oh, but I'm loveless and live alone- so I'm left to rub my own feet which somehow defeats the relaxing purpose of it.

Other things about my job: I sell endless amounts of Natural Light. That beer is the staple of every single party in this town due to it's cheapness and overabundence of college students. Seriously, Natty Light is the king of beers here. I'm impressed when college students come in a buy wine, decent wine-not party in a box- which does have it's place and time. Lord knows there were many nights in college that ended with my roommates and I squeezing the last drop of wine from that weird silver bladder that is in the Franza White Zinfindel box. We were firmly of the mindset that no alcohol ever get wasted- EVER.

I'm not impressed by the tool who spent the last 10 minutes before closing trying to choose from our selection of nicer beers and then asking me why they don't put sell by dates because he wanted fresh beer. He did not believe me when I said that our stock rotates quickly and had been in the case for less than a week. In the end he chose a beer with a dumb name and even dumber looking box, and really it isn't all that good.

And HELLO to the very cute guy who came in last Friday and bought a bunch of wine. He saw me coming out of the cooler carrying a box of alcoholic energy drinks and sweetly said "I feel like I should be helping you carry that!" Uh, thanks for the offer but what I'd really like is for you to kiss me. Please come back into the store and do so.




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